tai chi chuan chen style taiji chen zhaokui chen fa ke chenyu quan qigong He jinbao internal art master spiral power chan si jing. silk reeling feng zhi qiang yin style bagua zhang. he jin bao meditation yang wu haoyang lu chan. gene chen tui shou san shou chen jia gou beijing china chinese. ¬Ã´º´»£¨ buddhism martial art.


Boston area Taijiquan / Tai Chi Chuan class and training information

Welcome to the North American branch of the Beijing Chen Zhaokui Taijiquan Hui, (Beijing Chen Zhaokui Taijiquan Association, official association of the Chen Zhaokui line in Beijing, China, PRC). This site is in celebration of Chen Family Taiji Quan, the oldest known form. Taiji Quan also called "Tai Chi" in the west, is a more than 300 year old martial art (Wu shu) and (Qi gong) energy cultivation system originating in the rural village of Chen Jia Gou, Henan Province in China.

The association is dedicated to Chen style Taiji Quan of the
Chen ZhaoKui line, now represented by his son, 19th generation inheritor, Chenyu.


This Chen Gongfu is unique in its appearance and character in relation to other branches of Chen style Taiji Quan. Generally much more rigorous in practice; it retains more of the ancient fighting art than most styles of Taiji Quan. 

This site is maintained by MoLing, (Marin Spivack) 20th generation disciple of Chenyu, presently based in the Boston Massachusetts area. Due to the pronounced shortage of authentic Chinese gongfu in the western world, this site serves to preserve and share a dying and valuable art. Internal gongfu is a lifetime practice left to us by generations stretching back to pre-dynastic periods of Chinese history, and should not be lost due to reasons of profit or ego.   More information will follow as I create this site.  Feel free to send mail inquiries regarding study, practice, or the search for Gongfu.  Enjoy the site, and good luck on your journey.











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